Will You Wave? 25 Google Wave Resources

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On Tuesday, May 18th, Google announced that Google Wave is now available for everyone! Now you may have tried Google Wave in the beginning and felt it was not your cup of tea. Initially, Google Wave did have some annoying problems. However, like most technology, it has improved with time. Google Wave uploads faster, notifies you of updates through your e-mail, has many collaborative features, and now lets anyone join. Some of the collaborative features on the wave include video chat, embedding all sorts of documents within the page (PowerPoints, videos, and text documents), collaborative mindmapping, collaborative drawing, and much more! The video below will show you how to get started and wave.

Why Wave?

Google Wave is best for collaborative projects with a small amount of people. I find that larger Waves of 50 or more educators is overwhelming and difficult to follow. Personally, I prefer to be a part of a Wave of 3 to 15 active participants. I have mostly used Google Wave for organizing various virtual events, but have been part of Waves where educators have their students collaborate on projects. I urge you to try waving as part of a project. You can start with a simple meeting or project with your Personal/Passionate Learning Network to get the feel of how useful Wave is for collaboration. I would advise trying to Wave with someone who knows the ropes. I realize you may not know anyone who has used Wave, therefore, I am listing some resources for you to get started!

Resources and Tips

Educators on Google Wave:

  • Google Wave Educators group on the Edu PLN ning– 400 educators actively invite you to participate in their projects and waves. Several members of this group actively help mentor those new to Google Wave. Also, you can propose Wave projects for others to join! Don’t worry that the group will disappear, because the Educator’s PLN ning is not going anywhere!
  • List of Educators on Google Wave and their Twitter names– This list by @concretekax will help you see who is already waving on your Twitter network.

Useful tutorials and tips:

Youtube video tutorials and tips:

What are the best gadgets, extensions, and bots?

Google Wave and Education:


Try using Google Wave for a collaborative project or have your students try it for a team project.

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What useful tips do you have for collaborating on Google Wave?