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I would like to thank the following bloggers for mentioning Teacher Reboot Camp in their posts of 10 blogs you should look at. Please, look at their blogs and if they are in this list, It’s Worth Voting for These Blogs, then consider voting for them. I read these blogs on a regular basis and find so many incredible gems in them. I will describe these briefly, then go into detail about the ones I nominate. Unfortunately the rules say I can’t include these in my top 10.

  • The PLN Staff– One of my favorite blogs that is always filled with incredible wit and a lot of charm.
  • A Journey in TEFL– Eva describes her use of web 2.0 tools with her students. Love her reflection!
  • Sean Banville’s blog– I admire how Sean describes incredible ways to use technology effectively with students.
  • The Island Weekly– Anne shares videos, music, and posts that are thought-provoking. She also covers culture and other issues.
  • Sheetal Makhan– Some of these posts have literally had me in tears. She shares world issues many are too afraid to blog about.
  • Doing Some Thinking– Henrick makes educators reflect on how students learn best. I love the pedagogy and critical view of teaching practices.
  • Early EFL– Leahn shares incredible tips and resources for teaching young learners.  This is a new gem I recently subscribed to.
  • The VE Blog by Miguel Mendoza– Provides great insight into various technologies for professional development and classroom use.
  • Bright Ideas Blog– I find some truly amazing videos and resources on this blog which is why I tweet it so much!

If you are tagged, follow these rules:

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2) List 10 blogs you feel others should read
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Here are my 10 (in no order) recommendations in 2 categories, including the reasons why you should visit their blogs and my favorite posts.

English Language Teaching Blogs

Education Blogs

Narrowing down to these took some time, because I read several blogs and love them all. Please check the blog roll for more favorites or follow my tweets @shellterrell.


Take time the rest of the week to read these blogs and see which ones to add to your daily read! If you’re tagged in this post, please spread the love.

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