What Did They Tweet?

End of April 2010 edition of the What Did They Tweet weekly series!

Let’s see what our Personal Learning Network (PLN) tweeted about in education and social media in the past two weeks.

Video: Starfish and Students

I was deeply touched by this video created by @marynabadenhors, which tells the story of a kid with a starfish. I first encountered the Starfish story on a wall when I was running a music school program at a homeless shelter. Maryna does an incredible job of relating this to education. Please, listen to her message.

TED Talk by Derek Sivers: How to Start a Movement

@Blythe_Musteric tweeted this TED Talk which features one of my favorite videos about a rogue dancing guy who was able to get others to join him.

One of the First Reports of the Internet

@LarryFerlazzo shared this fantastic video showing one of the first news reports of the Internet. This could easily spark a discussion with students on the first reactions of technologies. You can even ask them how they first reacted to new technologies like the Iphone or Ipad.

First Report On The Internet – CBC Prime Time NewsThe most popular videos are here


  • If you want to start a wiki, then you’ll want to compare the various features on the free Wiki sites using this WikiMatrix. Shared by @AngelaMaiers.
  • English language teachers will love this site that has great videos with scripts of the speeches, Big Think. Tweeted by @NergizK.
  • Check out this Flash-based animated dictionary of technology, Techtionary. Tweeted by @ransomtech.

Opportunities for Educators

Below is a list of great opportunities for free resources and more:

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What was your best find on Twitter this week?

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