What Did They Tweet?

2nd wk of January edition of the What Did They Tweet weekly series!

I have met many new friends on Twitter from the beginning of 2010! Let me introduce you to some of the great finds from them and there will be treasures from familiar friends as well.

Video: I Need My Teachers

@Bhsprincipal shared this video, I Need My Teachers to Learn 2.0, which was created by @KevinHoneycutt who has an incredible website where he shares various educational technology tools and resources. His website is worth an exploration! You will see his passion for persuading teachers to prepare students properly for their futures.

The Girl Effect

I love this website, which was tweeted by @thenewtag who shares wonderful resources. I clicked on “agreed” and this amazing presentation began how we can make a difference by educating young girls. Give it a try and see if you are inspired to share this with a girl.

Funny Answering Machine Message for Schools

@Heikephilp found this message on Shaun Wilden’s blog. You can also find @ShaunWilden on Twitter! Click on play to listen to this hilarious message.

Click here to listen!

Infographic: The Evolution of the Book

This infographic, which was tweeted by @edunut, displays the evolution of the book from 3500 b.c. to 2008! Perhaps, within the next 5 years we will see a blip on this infographic that textbooks in schools have all been replaced by e-books? Below is a screen shot of a small part of the infographic. Visit the website to view the entire graphic.

Picture 1

Martin Luther King Rap

On Monday, January 18th you may be celebrating Martin Luther King day with your students. Through @ToughLoveforX I found this MLK rap from the Flocabulary website. This is perfect to inspire your students!

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