What Did They Tweet?

The Decade edition of the What Did They Tweet weekly series!

2010 is here! Can you believe a whole decade passed? These tweets offer a bit of reflection of the decade.

Digital Nation

Digital technology has revolutionized the way we think, learn, spend our free time, work, play, and more! Did you foresee the impact of these advancements in 2000? On February 2nd, PBS will be airing a  documentary which takes a critical look at the impact digital technology has had in our lives. You can watch the trailer. This was tweeted by @min_d_j.

Infographic-What’s Changed this Decade?

This incredible infographic, which was tweeted by @nealchambers, displays the changes and transitions that occurred in the last 10 years! One of the most surprising statistics is that in 1999 1 out of 10 people used cellphones; whereas, in 2009 2 out of 3 people used them. If you are viewing this from an RSS reader, you may want to check the homepage to see the embedded frame.

Life After Death by Powerpoint

I remember the days when I thought Powerpoint was the most fantastic learning and presentation tool! Now there are various options such as Prezi, Glogster, Animoto, and other presentation tools! One of the most memorable phrases was Death by Powerpoint. This video provides a humorous look at mistakes presenters continue to make with Powerpoint. This video came from a blog post, 78 Videos That Will Make You Go Huh, Whoa, Wow, Ahhh, and Ha-Ha, which was tweeted by @hrmason.

What is the Future? Web 3.0

@hopkinsdavid shared this blog post and video of what Web 3.0 is expected to be. Do you agree?

How Will We Lead Our Lives in the Next Decade?

Did you feel you accomplished what you wanted to in a decade? If not, Steve Murray shares his life lessons in a humorous way. One of my favorite tips is, “If a fellow classmate pulls your pigtails or punches you that probably means they like you. Do not take this leap of logic into adulthood.” @Annapires shared this infographic. You may want to check the homepage to see the embedded frame.

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What has been the shock of the decade for you? Why?