The 30 Goals 2010 Challenge

Part of the Goals 2010 Challenge Series

Instead of listing my goals for 2010, I would like to invite you to accomplish some short-term goals I am setting for myself for 2010. Each day this month, I will challenge you to accomplish a goal for the day. I will be accomplishing these tasks myself, then blogging about the entire experience when I am finished. I welcome you to do the same! I am hoping this will inspire me to begin working towards my long-term goals.

Join the Challenge

To be part of the challenge, do the following:

  • Accomplish the goal- Don’t worry if you just began reading this, you can accomplish these goals whenever you read about them. This is set-up to be 30 goals in 30 days so you can do this at anytime of the year! If you don’t accomplish all the goals, then just do what you can.
  • Tweet the link, what you learned, a thought, or just kudos to yourself for accomplishing the task! Please use the hashtag #30Goals! You can subscribe to the hashtag to keep track of your accomplishments!
  • Add a comment, so we can share your excitement or learn about a new resource, link, or website!

For support:

  • Post with others using the Twitter hashtag #30Goals!
  • Each of the goals will be listed in the sidebar widget under 30 Days, 30 Goals!

Challenge: Post Your 1st 2010 Diary Entry

For today’s challenge, I encourage you to post your first diary entry of 2010! Do this as a blog post online with several free sites, in a notebook, as a podcast, an audio diary or as a video diary.
Here are some websites to help you get started:

This is one step to accomplishing my long-term goal of keeping a regular diary for 2010. I plan on using the Dragon Dictation app for this task on my IPhone and experimenting with WordPress! You can always keep the diary private for your eyes only. Keeping a diary was a suggestion made by my friend, Ken Wilson!
Write your first post of 2010 in your diary!

You may want to subscribe for FREE to receive regular updates!

Don’t forget to leave a comment that you accomplished this goal using the hashtag #30Goals

What will your first diary post be about?

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