Goal: Conquer a Fear

Part of the Goals 2010 Challenge Series, Goal 24

I have an embarrassing confession to make. The first time I went to Paris, I didn’t go up the Eiffel Tower. I was too afraid, because I am afraid of heights. Afterward, I was bummed out, because I thought I would never get another chance to visit again. Fortunately, my sister and her family visited the next year. In order to save face in front of my 4 year-old nephew and 12 year-old niece, I faced my fears and went up the Eiffel Tower. I remember being very nervous. My eyes were squeezed shut. On purpose I stuck myself in the middle of the crowd so I wouldn’t have to look out the glass windows. In a second I opened my eyes and laughed at how easy the trip was. I felt silly. I had almost missed an opportunity, because I had let my fear paralyze me.
I am not the bravest person. My insecurities continuously creep up. This year I agreed to do several presentations and have taken charge of being the forerunner of technology at my school. I have many fears that something might go wrong and I will be solely responsible for scaring my institution into never allowing technology in the center again. I fear people will regret asking me to present or provide a workshop. See, this year I have taken on the challenge of trying to help many educators and schools see the benefit of using technology, specifically web 2.0 tools. At the conferences I have attended I have seen many educators hostile to the mere suggestion. I am trying a different approach that I am hoping pays off but I am not sure. However, I realize I cannot let my fears paralyze me into missing an opportunity. Therefore, I plan to practice, practice, practice. Additionally, I plan to prepare myself mentally. In my experience, we sometimes psyche ourselves out mentally.
What are your fears? Will you join me in not letting them prevent us from missing opportunities?
Reflect on a fear you will try to conquer. If you want to take this one step further, have your students reflect on their fears.

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This is goal 24 of this series! If you’d like to join the challenge, please read this post!

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How do you conquer your fears?

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