What Did They Tweet?

3rd week of December edition!

The holidays are coming, so after next week this series will take a small break and come back in the New Year! This time would be great for catching up on previous editions of this weekly series, What Did They Tweet? If you are viewing this from an RSS reader, you may want to check the homepage to see the embedded videos and frames.

21 Things that Became Obsolete This Decade

@Sammorra shared this incredible post about various technologies and services we rarely use. What astonishes me is that many of these services and tools were quite popular. What do you think will be obsolete in 2020? Twitter? Facebook? Iphones?

Christmas Web 2.0 Project Challenge

@Evab2001 has created an incredible wiki that challenges students to use web 2.0 tools to explore several web 2.0 topics. Below is the Glogster of the challenge but please visit the wiki for more details on how to participate!

Digital Dilemmas for Students

@Pmacoun shared this interactive website, That’s Not Cool, that has students study where they draw their digital line. Students are presented various scenarios like the one below and their choice yields different outcomes. Click on any of the choices in the video to see the outcome!

Animation Storytelling Videos for Kids

@Uponschoolcloud shared their channel on Vimeo which is full of kid friendly animated stories. I really loved this one below about the element Oxygen. This is a fun way for students to recall and understand how elements work together.

Oxygen from Christopher Hendryx on Vimeo.

Technology Video Site Similar to TED

Educators love TED talks and thanks to @Sabridv‘s tweet we can enjoy another website, PopTech, with videos about various issues! Below is a short one I liked about turning students into global citizens.

Twitter and the Backchannel

@vale24 shared this article, Conference Humiliation: They’re Tweeting Behind Your Back, which investigated the humiliation presenters faced when Tweckled, heckled by Twitterers. This article makes you think about the potential of Twitter as a backchannel in presentations. In many of the cases, the presenters suffered from technology malfunctions and suffered what the article terms a “virtual lynching.” What happened to netiquette and how far is too far?

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Think about a resource or tweet that struck you this week! Share this with another educator not on Twitter then if they’re interested tell them you got the tip from educators on Twitter!

What was your favorite tweet this week? Why?

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