What Did They Tweet?

2nd week of December edition!

The countdown till Christmas is coming! Here are some gifts I found on Twitter. You can find more in this weekly series, What Did They Tweet?

Educators Learning to Change Video

@Ejulez shared this video tweeting, “We have to accept as educators that technology is not a choice.” I think the video really leaves room for discussion. The comments showed educators who were strongly against this video, but many other educators on Twitter believed in the message. What do you think?

Where Do I Start with Web 2.0?

@Techmunoz has created an incredible website full of resources for teachers new to web 2.0 tools. On the website, I found this presentation which illustrates various easy web 2.0 tools to integrate in the classroom and how to use them.

Prezi: What is Social Gaming?

@Shiv53 shared this Social Gaming Prezi created by Hovanes Gasparian. Prezi is a better approach to presentations than PowerPoint. The one below provides useful information on social gaming for our students!

Student Views About Reading

What do students think about the future of newspapers? In this post, the teacher, Ms. Stewart, shows a video interview of her students answering this question and others about reading. Watch the video below which was shared by @GiseldaSantos.

Plagiarism Tutorial

@NBCCSue provided this great tutorial on plagiarism. Students choose a player and decide which acts of the players are considered plagiarism. Have students learn about plagiarism in a fun way!

Days With My Father

@capohanka shared this website, which provides a really touching view about a son watching his father become older. This is a thought-provoking story to share with students. The website provides various images and words by the father as he becomes forgetful. If you do not see the embedded website below, please visit the website. Click in the box to see thumbnails that will lead you to various parts of the story.

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Think about a resource or tweet that struck you this week! Share this with another educator not on Twitter then if they’re interested tell them you got the tip from educators on Twitter!

What was your favorite tweet this week? Why?

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