Oh, the Lessons I've Learned by Tom King

The following poem was a response to a previous post, Lessons Learned from Great Educators. Tom King let me post it and added an audio clip to accompany the poem! Please listen to him read this amazing poem by clicking the link below!

Oh, the Lessons I’ve Learned! by Tom King

“Oh, the Lessons I’ve Learned!” (With apologies to Dr. Seuss for his classic: “Oh, the Places I’ll Go!”)
I’ve learned lots of things on my way to retired,
That I never thought then would leave me inspired.
One lesson I’ve learned is when it comes to the Group,
We’re somehow all different, like veggies in soup.
But when you mix us all up and sum up our best,
Why, together we’re better than any one of the rest!
Some folks you might pass seem too busy to say, “Hi!”
But if you asked for their help, they’d never pass by.
And some folks with a burden too heavy to bear,
Still find time for others, and step in and share.
So, I’m thankful for alikes and differences too,
For together, there’s nothing our “togethers” can’t do.
I’ve even had students teach me new ways to divide.
That are often far better than ways I have tried.
I remember a student who couldn’t square root a “darn-ful”,
But given a math puzzle, he could do a whole barn-full.
As I look back on teaching, there’s no better career,
‘Cause you’re taught lots by others, year after year.
And, after 33 years, I’ve learned as much as I could.
So, given time to learn more, I’d move on, yes I would!
I’ll always remember my wonderful co-workers,
Learning from you has been one of those marvelous “perkers”.
You help change kid’s lives, and deserve abundant high praise,
So, in closing I’ll just say, why you all get all “A”s.
Oh, the things that I‘ve learned, but there’s more to be found,
So, I’m off to learn more, for at last I’m unbound!
“Thanks for the Memories!”

Tom King is a retired math teacher, the founder of the Saturn School of Tomorrow, adjunct professor for 35 years +, husband, father, grampa, friend, tennis and golf partner, coffee buddy, reader, photographer, poet, and a marveling lifelong learner. He blogs at Tom King’s Blog of De-Fog and tweets by the handle, @profTK.

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