Importance of Community

You are part of my community! Everyday, I am blessed that you:

share with me, tweet with me, read these thoughts, collaborate with me on projects….

support and inspire me!

Some of you are up for the 2009 Edublog Awards.


Several of us participate in various communities, because we love to share and learn. We do this without pay and make sacrifices of time, sleep, and more. Recognition goes a long way and I am excited, but not surprised, to see many educators nominated who add to my daily growth!

One of these educators is Ana Maria Menezes, @anamariacult, of the Life Feast blog. She is an innovator in training teachers to use Web 2.0 tools effectively for student learning.

Ana Maria is one of the first people I followed on Twitter and the tools she shared always amazed me. Her tweets made me love Twitter! Ana Maria has shared on her blog recently that she has cancer. She is asking for our support by leaving comments on her youtube video. The video is in Portuguese but this is the purpose as she has written on her blog:

“In Brazil , the drug Taxotere is only indicated to metastatic patients although research has proved node-negative patients could also benefit from that. I don’t think I and other node-negative patients have to wait until a recurrence happens to have the right to the drug, am I wrong? After receiving the denial to the drug, I recorded a video (in Portuguese) so that other people would know what’s happening and we have been in contact with lawyers to see what we can do. Now, the lawyers are fighting for us.”

Ana Maria has been nominated in these Edublog Award categories:

Thank you for supporting educators everywhere and most importantly for participating in this vast, but close knit educator community.

*Note: I have updated this post.

Leave a comment for Ana Maria Meneze’s youtube video.

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