December in Review

December 2009!

Before I proceed any further…..

Happy New Year!

I will be on a plane for my celebration, but hopefully you will be with family and friends. Be safe and enjoy the fireworks.

What you may have missed this month…

Your favorite posts this month-

  •  Most Teachers Don’t Live There In this post, we expressed our feelings about technology integration. I don’t think teachers who don’t integrate technology are bad teachers. However, if the educators can get access to the technology then shouldn’t we show students how to be responsible digital citizens?
  • Lessons Learned From Great Educators– Tag, you’re it! At least you still have time to be included in this series where I have challenged you to write about the people who inspired you to be a great educator. Seven teachers have already met the challenge. Read their incredible posts here!
  • Favorite What Did They Tweet Series–  Twitterers shared with us a digital citizenship series where students made choices and were lead to other videos that showed the consequences of their choices. We also read about 21 Things that Became Obsolete this Decade! 
  • Favorite Cool Sites Series- Alexandra Francisco shared her favorite tools and how to use them with students! In the most recent edition, I shared some sites to help you prepare your own resolutions!

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