A PLN is Like…

Personal Metaphor

The writer in me is always searching for the right metaphor to describe meaningful experiences, such as my Personal Learning Network (PLN).

The greatest gift I received this year was my PLN! Daily, I am surrounded by an incredibly intelligent and passionate support group, yet I met them online. How do you convey this experience to another person?

One metaphor I came up with is my PLN is like a family to me. I have not met most of you outside of this blog, Twitter, Skype, nings, Facebook, LinkedIn, Second Life, or Webinars. However, I feel very close to many of you. You share the same passions and goals as I do. You give me advice and offer me support when I have been emotionally and mentally knocked down. You celebrate my wins with me and comfort me in my losses. You continuously inspire me to be a better person and educator.

If I tell someone this who has no concept of a PLN, will they understand?
Will this scare them away?

Visual Metaphor

I came across this Vimeo movie that served as a metaphor of how a support network gets you through tough times. I hope you enjoy watching this and have a wonderful holiday season with your families!

Sister Winter from FloodSanDiego on Vimeo.


How would you convey the concept of a PLN to someone? A PLN is like…

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