December in Review

December 2009! Before I proceed any further….. Happy New Year! I will be on a plane for my celebration, but hopefully you will be with family and friends. Be safe and enjoy the fireworks. What you may have missed this month… Your favorite posts this month-  Most Teachers Don’t Live There– In this post, we […]

What Did They Tweet?

New Year’s Eve edition of the What Did They Tweet weekly series! 2010 is around the corner! Through my PLN on Twitter, I have found some fantastic tips, tricks, and projects. If you are viewing this from an RSS reader, you may want to check the homepage to see the embedded videos and frames. Be […]

Resources for Resolutions & Reflection

Part of the Cool Sites weekly series! It’s that time of year when we reflect upon what we have achieved personally and professionally. The first week of January is when I usually begin mapping out these goals and delineating my plan of action for achieving these goals. In a later post, I will share with you […]

A PLN is Like…

Personal Metaphor The writer in me is always searching for the right metaphor to describe meaningful experiences, such as my Personal Learning Network (PLN). The greatest gift I received this year was my PLN! Daily, I am surrounded by an incredibly intelligent and passionate support group, yet I met them online. How do you convey […]

Educators are Only Human

Educators do superhuman jobs, yet are only human. We struggle with emotions, personal problems, low wages, student behavior, and the heavy burden of educating society with lack of resources. We continue to give knowing we will receive a lot less in return. It seems we spend most of our careers fighting administrators, educational policy, students, […]

Holiday Sites to Bring You Cheer!

Part of the Cool Sites weekly series! As a little girl, I made Christmas gifts for my father. He preferred them over bought gifts. Well, at least until I can afford box seats for the Dallas Cowboys games. Making gifts can be difficult for children who have to beg a parent to buy them the […]

Wear Your Badge #Edchat Members!

Edchat recently won the Edublogs Award for Most Influential Tweet Series 2009! 155 of you voted for the tweet series which has really filled Tom Whitby, Steven Anderson, and me with pride. You can read about the origins of Edchat here! When we first discussed the creation of the hashtag and collaborated how we would […]

What Did They Tweet?

3rd week of December edition! The holidays are coming, so after next week this series will take a small break and come back in the New Year! This time would be great for catching up on previous editions of this weekly series, What Did They Tweet? If you are viewing this from an RSS reader, […]