What Did They Tweet?

First week of November edition!

Have you ever come across a tweet that you really wanted to discuss and share with others? Here are the ones that grabbed my attention this week. Check out the rest of this weekly series, What Did They Tweet? to discover some valuable resources and links!

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Technology VoiceThread for Schools

Monika Hardy shared this valuable professional development tool for effective technology integration. This VoiceThread discusses how to effectively integrate various technologies into any school and covers Internet safety. Video, thought-provoking images, and more are included. This Voicethread would be great to share with parents, administrators, students, and teachers.

Twitter Lists

In this brilliant post, Karenne Sylvester explains why Twitter’s new list feature is a great idea. Moreover, she offers fantastic advice on how to use Twitter lists!

Controlling Environment vs. Behavior

With the various technology tools being developed at the speed of light, we should learn to relax and limit our time on the computer. Finding a balance is a goal I am still struggling with. For this reason, I really enjoyed this article, Controlling Environment versus Behavior, tweeted by Myscha Theriault. The article provides practical tips, such as limiting the amount of distractions in your workspace to minimize your time on the computer.

Google Wave Tutorials

Ana Maria Menezes shared a list of various Google Wave video tutorials that she created. Google Wave is still relatively new and these tutorials provide an easy way to start navigating through it with topics, such as creating folders, saving a search, or sending an invite!

Educational Resources Galore!

Often we search for a list of resources on any given topic to include in lessons or a presentation. Searching through the Internet takes too long, which is why I thoroughly enjoy Jerry Blumengarten‘s website, Cybraryman’s Educational Websites. Jerry, the Cybraryman, provides various links to numerous resources in nearly every subject area. He updates his resources often to keep up with the latest educational topics including Google Wave. The website is really easy to navigate and has sections for parent, educators, and students!

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