Equipping Schools with Tech: Interview with Eric Sheninger

Problem: How do we equip our schools with technology?

Technology is a part of our children’s lives and will be part of their future careers. However, one problem to integrating technology effectively into the curriculum is the lack of technology. Educators need innovative ideas on how to help their low-income students gain access to technology in order to even the playing field.


In this respect, Eric Sheninger, the principal of New Milford High School, is a forerunner in the field. He is a principal who has discovered creative ways to equip his teachers and students with state of the art technology, such as a multimedia lab and mobile Ipod learning lab.
How did he accomplish this?
In my interview with Eric, he describes how he has come out in various media outlets, which have donated thousands to his school to fund the technology projects. These media outlets include pitching his school to a reality TV show, performing radio interviews, and guest starring in TV shows. If you are not keen on the idea of appearing in a TV show for your school, Eric suggests applying for grants and seizing opportunities you read about or at conferences you attend. These opportunities can be educational contests or asking companies to donate their technologies. Eric also suggests applying for grants.
Why aren’t we trying to get our innovative ways of using technology in the news?

I love that Eric and his school have been in the media quite a bit.  They have been featured in television news, mainstream television, newspapers, radio shows, etc. We hear so much negativity about schools that it is nice when innovative practices are shared. Let’s follow Eric’s example and begin to step outside our comfort zones by telling the news about our innovative practices.
If only all schools had principals as passionate as Eric Sheninger!

Are you curious about Eric’s television performances? You can take a peek here:


Create a committee to acquire a grant by next year to receive funding for technology in your school or try and get your school in the news!

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