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Cutting Edge Technology Wiki

David Kapuler has created an amazing wiki dedicated to various Web 2.0 technologies. The wiki provides information on various tools, such as nings, blogs, and PLNs (personal learning networks). Below is one of the resources I discovered on the website, a video about PLNs. My favorite part of the wiki is that David has included his 6 free e-books that are amazing resources of various technologies.

Google Image Swirl

Google does it again with Image Swirl, a search engine for locating various images. Below is an example of what the image results were for my favorite artist, Marc Chagall, but really you have to try it out. The search engine is easy to use and highly visual. For more information read David Kapuler’s review and Richard Byrne’s review.

Picture 8

100 Twitter Tools for Students

Accredited Online Colleges has created a list of 100 Twitter tutorials and tools. The resources are geared towards students but can easily be used by educators new to Twitter. Categories include finding people, research, study breaks, discussions, building relationships, careers, and more.

Elearning & Web 2.0 Tools

Mindomono is a new mindmapping tool that has incredible features, such as embedding, adding images, adding links, and more! My favorite is the E-learning and Web 2.0 Tools mindmap created by Jesper Isaksson.

Language Links Library

Find over 100 fantastic links for learning languages at the CALL4ALL website. Categories include lists of text to speech sites, language podcasts, language learning blogs, language learning software, and more! There are various finds for teachers and students learning English or any other language.

Even More Cool Links

  • For a list of cool websites, check out Ozge Karaoglu’s series, Faves of the Week!


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