Cool Sites: Timelines, Animation Vids, Iphone Apps…

Every week, I share my favorite websites in this weekly series! Don’t forget to test these tools out. Some great Edtech bloggers will soon be visiting this series to share their top tools with you! If you want instant access to these fantastic websites connect with me on Google reader!


Students can create interactive and multimedia time lines like the one below with Timetoast. Aside from using this tool to mark a historical event, students can use this tool for blogging, creating time lines of their lives, or as an introduction to a portfolio marking the student’s activities! I found out about this tool from Eric Sheninger.

Myths and Legends

Students will have an amazing time listening and reading the various legends and myths. Students can also create their own. I found out about this website from Keisa Williams.


Students can create animation videos very quickly and easily with Animasher. A variety of choices are available such as choosing the background, characters, and adding music and text! The drawback is that not all the images are appropriate. However, a very sophisticated presentation video can be made like the one below on smoking. Matthias Heil introduced me to this tool and tested it out for me as well!

suddenly one day by LittleCylon

Make your own| Clone and edit

Iphone Apps for Digital Narratives

The Digital Narrative blog lists several amazing Iphone apps for creating digital narratives. These include several apps for creating and editing videos on your IPhone, creating images with text, creating stop motion films, and adding cool effects to images. Working with five year-olds, I have found my Iphone very useful for getting my students to use English. Any of these apps would be great to have your students do a class digital story or work in groups to create a story if they have an Iphone.


Students can work individually or in cooperative groups and complete an assortment of ready-made interactive thinking guides. These thinking guides are great for planning projects, research assignments, presentations, or essays. I found out about this tool from Eric Sheninger.

Even More Cool Links

  • For a list of cool websites, check out Ozge Karaoglu’s series, Faves of the Week!


Use one of the tools! Leave a comment if you found the tip useful or if you noticed a problem with the tool!

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