What Did They Tweet? 9/06 to 9/13

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Power of Twitter

Marisa Pavan shared a magical post this week about the power of Twitter. In the post, you will read about Marlooz, a filmmaker and reporter, who had her laptop taken at a conference. Her Twitter PLN came to the rescue and started a collection to buy her a new laptop! My own PLN has been fantastic about making me feel better when bad things in life occur. Stories like these show that Twitter is not a waste of time or all about self promotion as some believe. Instead, Twitter is a way to gain support, knowledge and inspiration from amazing people.

Edtech in Schools

Teachers can use educational technology to inspire their very young students! Ozge Karaoglu demonstrates how to use various tools with kindergarten students in her class wiki. Her tweet shows another example of how her young English language learners in Turkey use technology to learn English. Check out the video!

Little Elephant from ozge karaoglu on Vimeo.

For an idea on how to set-up your wiki page for your classroom, check out Jason Fournier’s Algebra wiki. Wiki’s are better as class websites than stagnate pages. You have various ways to embed and set-up the tools you will be using throughout the school year. Moreover, you can get parents and students involved through various tools. Jason has a parent and student survey set-up as well as Edmodo, Engrade, Google, Delicious, Weseed, and Audio Pal.
Eric Sheninger, a principal at New Milford High School, has shared his Delicious links with students. What an innovative idea! One student let him know he used the bookmarks for his Calculus homework!

Lesson Idea

I love tweets that inspire lesson ideas! Crista Anderson shares a wonderful website. Time magazine lists cover stories back to 1995. English language learners can reflect on where they were when certain news occurred. These cover stories could also be used in various content classes. The teacher can have students make a timeline of cover stories on a specific topic, create their own cover stories of an event, or write an article to go with the cover story. Each cover story comes with a lesson plan and is available in Spanish.
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mtranslator, ozge, s1mpl1fy, NMHS_principal, cristama, larryferlazzo, kalinagoenglish
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Create a Delicious bookmark for your classes or a class wiki!

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