What Did They Tweet? 8/31-9/06

Happy Labor Day!

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Games Children Play

Chad Calease shared a beautiful video about the game of tag. In the video, people from all over the world share their personal anecdotes and feelings about the game of tag! This tweet came as a response to a tweet about Marisa Constantinides’ post about the power of play for education. In this post, Marisa lists several games that children play and explains the learning involved in each type of game.

New Teacher Survival Guide

Giselle Santos shared a link to the Discovery Educator’s New Teacher Survival Central! Many of us have started a new school year and know someone who might benefit from this site. In several schools, new teachers are left to learn the ropes for themselves. Teaching is a tough job and for many new teachers they find out that teaching is a lot more work. Moreover, they find out that their students are not what they expected. If you have not been able to get these teachers on board with Twitter, then try sharing a website that you found through Twitter!

ESL Links

Larry Ferlazzo shared the exciting news that BrainPop ESL has just launched and is free! Larry also provides useful information and an honest evaluation of the BrainPop website in this blog post. BrainPop is an excellent website to use with students in every subject. The website is appealing due to the almost comic like characters and multimedia presentations. However, the website only offers free access to some of its content.
Burcu Akyol shared a link to a list of wikis to use with English language learners. I love wikis and will usually retweet those others have created. Wikis are extremely user-friendly and provide the educator with a variety of options. Students can easily add content to wikis, which engages them! Parents will usually enjoy a wiki, because they can leave comments and interact on the website as well!
Jason Renshaw offers various curriculum materials for English language learners on his English Raven website. Several educators including Larry Ferlazzo have commented on the usefulness of Jason’s materials. He has spent years creating these materials and is now letting teachers decide what they would like to pay to use these materials. If you do not have enough time to create your own materials for English language learners and want to find materials that will engage them then consider checking out the English Raven website!
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