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My #TeacherTuesday and #FollowFriday Lists!

Twitter is one of my favorite social networks, because I have learned so much from the educators and people I meet. My Twitter Personal Learning Network (PLN) consists of very giving individuals who take time to interact and share with me daily. They give me support and their tweets really do turn an ugly day into a golden one! Earlier, I tweeted, “In 11 more hours I will wake up and have a Master’s degree! I think I will celebrate by sleeping more than 4hrs!” Below are some of the several tweets I received within a few hours congratulating me on my achievement. In addition, I received several direct messages (DMs) congratulating me. I am very touched by the gesture, but I should not be surprised because daily I receive kind tweets from my PLN.

How to Thank my PLN

I have read several posts on how people are cluttering up the Twitter stream on #TeacherTuesday and #FollowFriday with lists of names. I admit I list several people to follow! I take the time to list members of my PLN, because this is one of the few ways I know to thank them for these random acts of kindness. Additionally, I try to retweet fantastic links they provide, feed their posts through my Iphone, leave comments on their blogs, support their projects, interact with them, share their tweets, and recommend their posts with others in my Google reader.
Vicki Davis, the CoolCatTeacher, recently provided another way to thank my PLN through her post on getting beginner Twitterers started with a Professional Learning Network (PLN) of educators. In the post, she discusses TweepML, a tool which allows people to add up to 100 people for others to follow in one click. TweepML will show you their profile pictures and bios and allow you to choose which people you want to add to your list!
I have created three groups of followers for you to easily follow. In the first group, I have included 99 members of my PLN who are supportive, interact with others, and help others who have questions.  Just click the button below to look at the people’s names and add them.

In the second group, I have included 46 members of my PLN who provide incredible English language resources for ESL, EFL, ESOL or TEFL.

In the third group, I have included 26 members of my PLN who continuously provide links to educational technologies, web 2.0 sites, and social media tools.


Create your own Twitter groups and share these with others!

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