#Edchat Update: Using Tweetdeck for Hashtag Discussions

Over 2000 educators have participated in the #Edchat Tuesday discussions! Last week was momentous, as several educators and parents gathered to converse with special guest Alfie Kohn. Edchat became the 5th Twitter trending topic!

Keeping up with several people in a Twitter conversation can be difficult. Tweetgrid is one way to keep up with the discussion as explained thoroughly by Mary Beth Hertz’s post. However, Tweetdeck has some nice features as well for keeping up with hashtag discussions as I describe in this brief Screenr video tutorial.

Edchat Updates

In a previous #edchat post I mentioned some useful posts and links. I am additionally adding these blog posts, links, and tips to help you explore the edchat topics further and extend the conversation:


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