Do You Know Blog Lingo?

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English language teachers understand the importance of learning the language you use to communicate. Proficiency in a language allows us to communicate and connect with others. In the same way, proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript help us to effectively communicate and connect with our readers. If you are not a web head that is okay, because even knowing basic HTML can improve the way you communicate with your readers. Moreover, there are several online resources available to help you figure out what you want to say in your blog and how you want to say it!


HTML is the most basic language that a blogger should know. Maybe you are like me and you learned the language back in 1996 and forgot most of the codes since then. The following recommended sites will help you get your HTML up to speed!

  • Edublogger webinar host, Phil Hart, recommends the W3Schools Online Web Tutorials for beginners to learn about most of the blog languages- HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more. The link to the HTML tutorial provides information on tags, basics codes, and examples.
  • If you are a beginner, then you may also want to try this Interactive Tutorial for Beginners, which has you create code with the HTML you learn about in 17 minichapters.  You can always skip the parts you know.
  • Your blog’s host site will create much of the HTML for you. However, you have to know some more codes to fix some of the glitches. For this reason, I keep the HTML Playground open in a new tab as I work on my blog or make a comment. This easy to use program allows you to generate many codes for changing fonts, creating tables, making lists, embedding images, and so forth. You will have to know tag information. The wonderful part about this website is that you can immediately see what your code should look like in your post then copy and paste the code into your blog.

HTML Playground Web Site

For more information on issues with your Edublog you may want to visit this previous post. If you want to receive continual tips on how to improve your blog you may want to subscribe to Sue Water’s blog.
I would like to thank a very influential blogger, Karenne Sylvester, for inspiring this post through her blog. One of her secrets to having such a great site is finding tips on Blogger Tips and Tricks! She also is the one who showed me how to get this cool LinkedIn widget for my blog.

Your boot camp challenge for this week:

Have a friend provide you with constructive criticism of your blog. Aim to fix a few of these problems by the next blog post.

Do you want to share your CSS or JavaScript tips? Please contact me to host your post on this blog or for an interview!