What is #Edchat?

Daily I engage in thought provoking discussions on Twitter! I have had anywhere from 2 to 6 Twitter participants engaging in these conversations adding observations, advice, debates, anecdotes, and links. However, Tom Whitby brought to my attention that new people to Twitter and others may not be able to follow the discussions. Therefore, we created […]

What Did They Tweet?

Every week on Twitter I mark a series of tweets as favorites. These are tweets that have either interesting links, encourage thought-provoking conversations, spark some sentiment within me, or need to be read more thoroughly. My Personal Learning Network (PLN) on Twitter is full of educators who consistently engage me in conversation. These individuals ignite […]

Do You Know Blog Lingo?

English language teachers understand the importance of learning the language you use to communicate. Proficiency in a language allows us to communicate and connect with others. In the same way, proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript help us to effectively communicate and connect with our readers. If you are not a web head that is […]

Oh The Adventures You Will Have If Only…

Did you know that educational technologies will soon be the norm? Advances in information and communication technologies (ICTs) and internet technologies means several educators are connecting to thousands at a time. Consider the crumbling economy and the amount of teachers being laid off. More than ever teachers need to be connected in order to make […]

Second Life Newby Field Trip

Have you wanted to attend the several Second Life teacher events but were too afraid you would do something embarrassing? Two years ago I set up my Second Life account hoping to explore the world and discover its use for my students. Unfortunately, my computer could not handle the program. Recently, I tried giving Second […]

Ustream and Twitter Search for Educational Purposes

The Twitter Revolution Perhaps, you have read the volume of articles asserting that Twitter is revolutionizing the way the world follows current events. Earlier today I watched Michael Jackson’s funeral live and was able to tweet with others in real time. Many of us who are experienced Twitter users know the power of hashtags for […]