Avoiding the Edtech Burn-out

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Recently, a good friend and Edublogs webinar moderator, Phil Hart, shared with me a recent Elluminate presentation I unfortunately missed. Edublogs webinars provide a free online gathering of educators or others interested in transforming the educational arena. Through the Elluminate platform, people are able to chat, talk aloud, share screens, answer polls, and so forth to problem-solve or learn information. If you have limited time for professional development, then I suggest attending these webinars, because you meet many people from various fields who really help you and communicate with you. Plus, these events are quite fun and offer people a convenient way to attend “workshops” and build their Personal Learning Network (PLN).

What are the Solutions?

Although several topics were covered in the recent webinar, I thought two were quite relevant for educators.

  • How do we keep up with all the new technology and avoid burn-out?
  • Which technologies should we recommend?

Several suggestions were offered if you would like to view the archive of the event . You will have to download the Java file. However, I think these are definitely topics to continue to discuss. When we find real solutions to these problems, we will be able to entice more educators and our schools to implement educational technologies!

My Top Tech Management Tools!

What are yours?

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