Avoiding the Edtech Burn-out

Recently, a good friend and Edublogs webinar moderator, Phil Hart, shared with me a recent Elluminate presentation I unfortunately missed. Edublogs webinars provide a free online gathering of educators or others interested in transforming the educational arena. Through the Elluminate platform, people are able to chat, talk aloud, share screens, answer polls, and so forth […]

What is the Right Question?

Many educators understand the impact of asking questions. However, many educators may not be asking higher-order questions soon enough! As soon as the student walks into the classroom an educator can seize this opportunity to grab the student’s attention through questioning. Asking the Right Question! Simple enough, a teacher can write a thought-provoking question on […]

Edtech: Capitol Hill's Buzz Word?

No More Textbooks Is educational technology Capitol Hill’s latest buzz word? Three current events appear to suggest that politicians are aiming to revolutionize the educational system through technology. Probably the most famous news item was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s decision to reduce the California budget by replacing textbooks with e-books. Grumble, grumble you may… “This decision only […]

Twitter Trials Pt. 2

Last week I began my journey of teaching Twitter online on Edufire. In my last post of this series, I wrote about my initial experience using Twitter as an educational tool. The focus switched from having Twitter discussions to teaching Twitter basics when I discovered most of my students were newby Twitterers. In this post […]

Summer Training Happened so Fast…

Photo adapted from Flickr by¬†kevindooley licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic. Lately, I have been reading about some exciting summer plans from my Personal Learning Network (PLN). The summer theme seems to be set in improving instructional techniques by learning to integrate technology effectively into the curriculum. Therefore, I will post a few of […]

Online Teaching: Twitter Trials Pt. 1

This past week I was inspired like many of you by the Twitter experiment performed at UT Dallas. As an online teacher, I was excited about the various possibilities in which I could get my learners to carry discussions outside of the forum as I presented the materials. I enjoy small classes for online teaching. […]

Wait! Don't Tell Me!

When you ask your students a question, do they have enough time to respond? Studies suggest that many teachers do not allow enough time for students to go through the cognitive process of forming a correct response to questions. Let’s assume that you are an educator who asks higher level questions. How long did you […]

Silly Teacher, Blogs are for Techies?

In my Master’s classes, I am the go-to girl for using technology in the classroom. In reality, I know a lot less than the bloggers I recommend on my blog roll. For this reason, I decided to become a blogger. I have noticed that several mainstream teachers need advice in using various technologies to help […]