2012 Goals

Welcome to Cycle 3 of the 30 Goals Challenge for Educators: Dare to Believe!

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Over 9000 educators have joined the The 30 Goals Challenge since January 2010. You have the opportunity to join our community in accomplishing 1 to 30 goals throughout the year. These are short-term goals we reflect on and see how they help us aim towards long-term goals to make us better educators. We support each other through social networks- our Facebook groupYoutube,  Twitter (#30GoalsEdu), and blogs.

The 2012 Challenges

Congratulations on endearing this journey with me. Here is a list of all the goals we have accomplished together for this cycle.

  1. Create Your Me Manifesto
  2. Highlight Your Magical Teaching Moment
  3. Ask a Learner
  4. Reveal Their Strengths 
  5. Feed Yourself Inspiration
  6. Investigate and Instigate Questions
  7. Make a Global Connection
  8. Share an Activity or Lesson Idea
  9. Teaching Ourselves & Them to Overcome
  10. Spread Your Knowledge (15+ Resources to Bookmark, Aggregate, Curate Info)
  11. Feel the Weight of Your Impact
  12. Define & Spread Your Message
  13. Inspire by Sharing
  14. Carry a Conversation
  15. Partner with Parents
  16. Design a Great Lesson! (20+ Resources & Tips to Find Great Lessons Online)
  17. Integrate Technology Effectively
  18. Make a Small Change to Your Curriculum
  19. Let Them Speak Up
  20. Incorporate their Interests
  21. Cultivate Relationships
  22. Teach Them About Kindness
  23. Help Them Build Their Self-Efficacy
  24. Try a Different Approach
  25. Connect their Learning to their World
  26. Ignite Their Curiosity
  27. Let Them Explore
  28. Change Their Environment
  29. Grow through Reflection
  30. Prepare for the Battle



Add yours
  1. 1
    Cynthia Webb

    I’m just getting started with the use of social networking. It seems to me that it is a fantastic way to build a personal learning community. And I really appreciate this information. Thanks so much!

  2. 2
    Shelly Terrell

    Welcome to the challenge! Let us know regularly when you complete a goal 🙂 Looking forward to your reflections!

  3. 3
    Mohamed El-Ashiry

    I would like to participate in this challenge! Can I, or have I missed too many goals?

  4. 4
    Shelly Terrell

    You can participate at anytime. We start a new cycle in January.

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