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Posts aimed at helping teachers improve learning outcomes for ELLs by recommending tips used by real teachers or in the classroom

12 Resources for Grammar and Punctuation Usage by Karen Schweitzer

Part of the Cool Sites series There are many different websites that can be used to teach your students about grammar and punctuation usage. [...]

17 Stop Motion Video Examples & Resources

Part of the Cool Sites series Many educators wonder how to inspire their students and motivate them to strive to learn. Standardized testing [...]

Vocabulary 2.0: 15 Tips, Tools, & Resources

Part of the Cool Sites series In every subject students must acquire new vocabulary, which is often taught through rote memorization. How do [...]

19 Word Cloud Resources, Tips, & Tools

Part of the Cool Sites series Learning new vocabulary can be quite daunting for most students. We just have to look at the literacy rates to [...]

14 Resources for Meaningful Student Dialogue

Part of the Cool Sites series If you teach English language learners in their native countries, then finding opportunities for them to use t [...]
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