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Posts aimed at helping teachers improve learning outcomes for ELLs by recommending tips used by real teachers or in the classroom

Vocabulary 2.0: 15 Tips, Tools, & Resources

Part of the Cool Sites series In every subject students must acquire new vocabulary, which is often taught through rote memorization. How do [...]

19 Word Cloud Resources, Tips, & Tools

Part of the Cool Sites series Learning new vocabulary can be quite daunting for most students. We just have to look at the literacy rates to [...]

14 Resources for Meaningful Student Dialogue

Part of the Cool Sites series If you teach English language learners in their native countries, then finding opportunities for them to use t [...]

Fifteenth Edition of the ESL/EFL/ELL Carnival

Welcome to the fifteenth edition of the ESL/EFL/ELL Carnival. Let us start the week with some resourceful reading materials from many of the [...]

Goal: What’s Your Personal Theme Song?

Part of the Goals 2010 Challenge Series, Goal 8 and part of the Cool Sites Series Congratulations! You just completed a week of goals. Can y [...]
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