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Series highlighting my favorite links to edtech tools, ESL sites, and other useful web sites that I have bookmarked. I will share how to use these sites to improve student learning.

6 Reasons to Attend the #RSCON10 Free E-Conference Fri. 7/30-8/1

Part of the Cool Sites series After an Edchat conversation about education reform,Chris Rogers, Jason Bedell, Kelly Tenkely, and I collabora [...]

20 Places to Create and Find Free Courses Online

Part of the Cool Sites series Today’s Cool Sites series post comes from guest education writer, Karen Schweitzer. It has never been ea [...]
Cool Sites

Xtranormal: Text to Speech Video—A Few Uses

Part of the Cool Sites series Today’s Cool Site post comes from guest blogger, Kathy Niebuhr As a .5 elementary media specialist, I wa [...]

Tips and Tools to Manage Your Twitter Time!

Part of the Cool Sites series Photo from Brad Fitzpatrick a great flash animator and cartoonist! Do your friends or partner accuse you of be [...]

Why it Makes Sense to Teach the World Cup

Part of the Cool Sites series As an English language teacher I love opportunities to teach culturally responsive lessons (CRT), a type of cu [...]
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