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Series highlighting my favorite links to edtech tools, ESL sites, and other useful web sites that I have bookmarked. I will share how to use these sites to improve student learning.

Why it Makes Sense to Teach the World Cup

Part of the Cool Sites series As an English language teacher I love opportunities to teach culturally responsive lessons (CRT), a type of cu [...]

Free E-books and Resources for Your Summer Reading!

Part of the Cool Sites series In my last post in the Cool Sites series I provided you with 35 free professional development opportunities fo [...]

What Will You Learn this Summer? 35 Professional Development Resources

Part of the Cool Sites series Photo adapted from Flickr by kevindooley licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic. Summer has o [...]

Employ Technology for Fun Summer Learning

Part of the Cool Sites series As an educator, you may find yourself frustrated by the fact that after three months of blissfully brainless s [...]

Will You Wave? 25 Google Wave Resources

Part of the Cool Sites series On Tuesday, May 18th, Google announced that Google Wave is now available for everyone! Now you may have tried [...]
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