Inspiring Ideas and Resources from the #STEM4INNOVATION Conference

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“People can’t only design with their heads. They have to do it with their hands, too.” – Dr. Karan Watson, STEM 4 Innovation Keynote Speaker

Recently, I attended the incredible STEM 4 Innovation Conference at Texas A&M University. I would definitely recommend this conference to any educator in STEM (Science,  Technology, Engineering, and Math) education. In fact, I would say this conference is a must, especially for those developing a STEM curriculum or program in their schools. I was truly inspired by the keynote speaker, Dr. Karan Watson, who delivered an important message about the role teachers play in creating a generation of problem solvers and innovators who care. At one point in her keynote she noted this is why the Arts is one of the most important parts of STEAM education. She also noted how students need grit and to be deeply curious. I also enjoyed each presentation and walked away with practical strategies, engaging activities, and valuable resources for my elementary students. Below find my tweets of key ideas, examples, and resources. Click on the links to gain access to free lesson plans that are standards aligned and can be implemented right away. In fact, I will be trying some of these ideas with my students this month.

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Resources and Ideas from the Conference

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