Tools for Designing Awesome Graphics

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I started this blog 10 years ago, which was shortly after using Twitter and other social media tools to connect with educators. Part of connecting and spreading the word of new posts, online conferences I’ve organized, online courses, Twitter chats, and other news is creating visuals to share online. I’ve learned to use free web tools to design headers on different social networks, graphics for books and digital badges, banners, flyers, parent newsletters, programs, digital magazines, book covers, logos, and more! Below I’ve listed free design tools teachers and students can use to create digital graphics and publications. The awesome part is these tools are free and offer access to awesome fonts, stock photos, frames, templates, and icons. This way your students can begin designing visuals to highlight their innovative ideas, spread their passion, share their creativity or become influencers.

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Web Tools for Creating Awesome Graphics

  • Canva is my favorite free web tool and app for designing graphics. The majority of the visuals on this blog and that I share on social networks are designed on Canva. You can access free templates that can be copied to make creating the same type of visual quick and easy. Find templates for creating logos, flyers, posters, greeting cards, business cards, online magazines, and social media headers and graphics (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). The fonts are amazing as well as the images, icons, frames, and color schemes. Canva also helps you learn more about graphic design with tutorials and free design courses and tips! If you want your students to truly learn about graphic design you can access the free workshops, lesson plans, and teaching materials.
  • Gravit is a simple online graphic design tool I just learned about with a library of templates for designing posters, presentations, social media graphics, greeting cards, and more! Choose from a library of fonts, stock images, shapes, lines, emojis, and more. I really love the look of this web tool.
  • Design Wizard is a simple online graphic design tool with a library of templates for designing different graphics, Facebook covers, ads, greeting cards and even videos! Choose from a library of fonts, shapes, and stock images.

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