Engage Them in the First 5 Minutes! Bell-Ringers, Warm Ups, and Prompts!

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As soon as students enter the classroom they can be engaged in learning. At my school we call these “to dos.” I have often heard these called bell ringers, warm ups, starters, and entrance tickets. The idea is to have a short 5 minute or less activity like a prompt that students are able to complete while you take care of attendance or get situated from the previous class. Bell ringers and warm ups also help tap into students’ prior learning. These to dos should be something every student knows and can easily complete. The bell ringer does not have to be related to your content but it can be.  The bell ringer should also be located in the same place so the students follow a routine. Students walk in, look at the board/virtual learning environment, complete the bell ringer and know where to turn this in.

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40 Bell Ringers

Below are 40 different ways to engage students. Read my article, Engage Learners with Bell-Ringers, for more details and resources. With ideas, such as a quote, TED Talk, joke, or poem you can do the following:

  • Turn and Talk– Students turn to each other and discuss 2 or 3 items or questions listed on the board.
  • Students write down a response in a journal
  • Students relate to a real world experience or event
  • Students compare 2 of the same item or complete a Venn Diagram
  • Students try to create a quick example or write down a favorite example, such as a favorite knock knock joke or acrostic poem
  • Students annotate the item, such as underline the title, circle the author’s name, etc.
  • Students write down 1 idea about the item and make up 2 questions to ask peers about the item or individual introduced

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