Formative Assessment Tools and Apps

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Ongoing assessment is necessary for student success. These assessments provide data on our learners’ progress and knowledge of the content. There are many different types of digital assessment tools and apps that allow teachers to quickly see what their students understand in a variety of ways through exit and entrance tickets, quizzes, student response systems, peer feedback, self-evaluation, graphic organizers, polls, and games. Below is a list of free web tools and apps to quickly assess your students on a regular basis. The following tools will help save you time because they also will grade the assessments for you!

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Formative Assessment Tools and Apps

  • Nearpod , SocrativeAnswer Pad, and GoFormative provide various assessment options from quizzes to draw responses to class polls. Students can access these platforms on any device with a code or teachers can set up a classroom with a login.
  • Students truly enjoy the fun quizzes you can create with Kahoot (any device) and Quizizz. You can add images, sound effects, memes and copy and edit hundreds of quizzes already made! Students race against each other to choose the correct answers and can create quizzes for their friends.
  • TinyTap is a free iOS app to create engaging quizzes, games, and interactive presentations. You can discover hundreds of quizzes already created by students even for toddlers!
  • You can also create quizzes with Google Forms. Create video quizzes, multiple choice or short answer questions. Check out this post by Eric Curts with 24 Tips for Google Quizzes!
  • If you don’t have a set of clickers, then try Plickers for formative assessment. Teachers put this app on their devices to scan paper bars students hold up to answer questions.

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