Meet the Inspiring Teacher Scholarship Recipient, Jesus Sosa

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We recently began the summer session of my new online courses. We announced a scholarship and were so moved by the personal statements and bios that we decided to award a few scholarships for the summer session. Below is the bio and an excerpt from the personal statement of Jesus Sosa, a teacher from Venezuela, who was the recipient of the Methodologies for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages course scholarship. His personal statement is truly inspiring and I’m excited about his contributions and the perspectives he will share in our Google+ Community.

You can still register until July 12th for the summer session of any of the online accredited courses offered by Edtechnology Specialists and Andrews University.

Jesus Sosa, a Teacher from Venezuela

Personal Statement Excerpt: This opportunity will allow me to continue with my own learning process. I would be able to share my experience and how teachers in Venezuela manage to still have a positive impact on education, sometimes from scratch. This opportunity would also give me the chance to learn from other teachers, and maybe adapt their experiences to provide new ones to my students.
As a teacher trainer, this opportunity will also allow me to take this knowledge and share it with other teachers in my country and abroad, and find new techniques to encourage and motivate them, thus increasing the impact of these courses and making it reach new places.
Being part of the #TeamTech in education, the need to make people aware of being digitally literate and develop XXI Century Skills has always been a priority in my teaching practice, and I do believe that these would be crucial skills to make our country and future generations go back to a better place.
We don´t surrender, we fight. Some of us want to still be here, make people join our cause, and show the world the power education has when it comes to making a change during a difficult situation. I´m here, I´m trying to make a difference, and these courses will give me the tools to keep trying.
Bio: Jesus Sosa is a teacher at the School of Modern Languages of a Public University in Venezuela (Universidad de Los Andes, Mérida-Venezuela). He teaches both students from Modern Languages (linguistics related) and from Foreign Languages Education. His students’ age ranges are from 18 to 22 y/o in most cases, and he works with around 80 students per semester. He mainly teaches reading and writing courses, but also has taught courses related to all language skills through linguistics. Jesus has also been invited by the School of Education to teach ICT skills related sessions. He is the head of the Department of English, and the Coordinator of the Culture and Extension Unit of the School. Teacher training wise, Jesus is part of a teacher training program where they teach pre-service and in-service teachers about developing ICT skills for EFL. Finally, he is also part of VenTESOL´s Executive Board, as an Editor and member of the Media Team.

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