Superhero Activities to Empower Students

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“I believe there’s a hero in all of us, that keeps us honest, gives us strength, makes us noble” – May Parker, Spider-Man 2

Every student can find a superhero to admire and learn from. Superheroes help empower students to be brave enough to stand up for what they believe is the right thing to do. This is especially important now, because our students connect with a large audience on the Internet and need to make better choices. Studying superheroes also gets our students excited about reading, writing, science, math, history, and politics. Find several superhero inspired activities, web tools, and resources in my slide presentation, Invincible! Superhero Activities and Resources to Empower Students. Find additional ideas for teaching English learners in my ESL Library article, I’m Invincible! Resources, Apps, & Lesson Ideas About Superheroes. You can attend my free webinar this Friday, April 27th, at 4pmET/9pmUK about this topic. Just login as a guest at the time. If you want your students to feel like superheroes then pick up a copy of my new book, Hacking Digital Learning with Edtech Missions, with tons of ideas, templates, and resources for motivating students to transform the world with learning missions.

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Ideas and Resources

  • Read about superheroes!
    • Students of all ages will enjoy reading about various superheroes in a comic book or graphic novel.
    • Comixology has free comics and graphic novels for adolescents, teens, and adults
    • Kids Comics lists various comics in your area for children.
    • Learn English Kids has free reading materials for very young learners to adolescents. You will also find accompanying handouts, songs, and games.
    • Create a superhero with Learn English KidsScratchDC Kids, or Marvel
  • Get students to share the story of their superheroes!
    • Super Power FX is an iOS/Android app to add super power effects on a video. It uses augmented reality technology so students look like they are using the super power.
    • Make Beliefs Comix is one of my favorite apps for creating comics of all kinds including some about superheroes. Also, find superhero inspired writing prompts.
    • Book Creator is an iOS/Android app for creating comics and digital books.
    • Superhero Comic Book Maker is an iOS app by Duck Duck Moose to create talking superhero comic books.
    • DC Kids also has a comic book maker.
  • Try any of these writing or video ideas- Invent a superhero to solve a problem in your local community or school, invent superhero gear, or invent an app for a superhero
  • Superhero STEM Resources!
  • Young learner activities
    • Superhero show-n-tell- The student says, “I’m a superhero I can …”  and demonstrates the action with the toy.
    • Pair students with toys who rescue each other. Give them a scenario. After 5 minutes they switch partners.
    • Superhero Day! Students dress as a superhero, they talk about their favorite superheroes, they discuss the strengths and weaknesses of superheroes, teach someone a super power, and you can play superhero games and music.
  • Try these superhero brain breaks like superhero jumping jacks.

Challenge: Try one of these ideas to help your learners feel brave like a superhero!

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