Savvy #ISTE17 Interviews: Video Edchats Through FlipGrid

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Back in August of 2009 I created and organized #Edchat in a dm conversation with Tom Whitby. Since its inception, #Edchat has inspired over 600 educational Twitter chats and hashtag movements that have added their own formats and methods of teacher engagement to their Twitter chats.  Baby Savvy spoke to Matt Frattali (@heymattfrat) who introduced us to his very cool educational chat, VEdchat. In his interview, Matt explains how he uses Flipgrid, a video discussion tool, to engage teachers worldwide in weekly educational chats about a topic. The teachers join the discussion by posting thoughts through a webcam video. The chat takes place every Monday. Learn more about participating in this new form of a chat from Matt’s interview below. To check out Savvy’s other live interviews follow @ShellTerrell or check out continuous live streams of all of ISTE on the hashtag, #PassTheScopeEDU.

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Matt Frattali: What is VEdchat?

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