Savvy #ISTE17 Interviews: Designing Open and Engaging Learning Spaces

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Baby Savvy spoke to two of her favorite people, JoAnn Jacobs (@JoAnnJacobs68) and Jackie Gerstein (@JackieGerstein) about their classroom design. Both educators work in learning environments designed differently from typical classrooms where the teacher is at front, students are in desks, and the learning is within a walled classroom. Jackie Gerstein notes in her video interview that baby Savvy would not know which was the front of the classroom, because her elementary students work on tables and have sofas. They engage in open-ended projects and learn about STEM through makerspaces and projects. Joann Jacobs works in a school with open spaces and open classrooms. The students can see what other classes are doing, because there aren’t walls that separate every classroom. The classes flow from one open space to another. One area is designed for crafts. Students are able to collaborate more easily and the teachers love the flexibility. Joann loves working in this environment and say the students love it as well. To check out Savvy’s other live interviews follow @ShellTerrell or check out continuous live streams of all of ISTE on the hashtag, #PassTheScopeEDU.

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Jackie Gerstein

JoAnn Jacobs

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