11 Apps to Learn with Poetry

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“Poetry is language at its most distilled and most powerful.” – Rita Dove

April is National Poetry month. Poetry is a great way to inspire your learners to be creative and imaginative with a topic. Writing poetry can be difficult for students, but the engaging apps below will help your students create and learn with poems. For more ideas and activities, see the slide presentation, Learning with Poetry, and the bookmarks below for more ideas and resources.  If you like these ideas then be sure to check out my new book published this summer with more ideas, Hacking Digital Learning Strategies: 10 Ways to Launch EdTech Missions in Your Classroom.

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Poetry Apps

  • The Social Poetry iOS and Android app takes a spin on magnetic poetry. This app actually pulls words from your Facebook feed. Add your own photos, customize your style, and share your creations online.
  • With the Haiku Popper iOS and Android app, students make haikus by tapping the words as they fall.
  • With the Haiku Jam iOS and Android app, students create haikus with 2 other strangers. Each person creates one line of the haiku.
  • The Image Chef iOS and Android app allows students to create poems within shapes,  as word clouds, or with images. Students can also use Image Chef online.
  • With the Poetry Foundation app students can find and explore poetry on an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android device. They carry poems in their pockets.
  • With the Poetic Power iOS app students create free verse or one of 48 types of poems with the Poetry Machine and by following the prompts. They can enter this in a contest.
  • The FridgePoems iOS app helps students create poems using the concept of magnetic poetry.
  • The Poetry Creator Verses iOS app takes a spin on the concept of magnetic poetry by providing students with access to several unique dictionaries (Hip Hop, LOL, etc.) and allowing them to contribute their own words and share their poems with others online.
  • The Instant Poetry 2 iOS app provides words like magnetic poetry to create poems, but students can add their own images as backgrounds and share with others.
  • The Fold Pass iOS app is a game where students can write haikus with their friends.
  • The Name Poem iOS app allows students to create and share acrostic poems.

Challenge: Try one of these apps to get students interested in creating their own poems or learning with poems.


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Poetry Apps, by shellyterrell

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