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“Every new idea is just a mashup or a remix of one or more previous ideas.” – Austin Kleon

Millions have shared their art, images, music, and creations on the Internet. Additionally, many libraries and organizations have released historical images and content into the public domain. Get students to engage with this content and learn hands-on by remixing the content into videos, presentations, podcasts, poster projects, or digital stories! Before they use the creations of others, they should properly attribute. Feel free to download the slide presentation below. Following the presentation, are tips and resources to help you teach your learners about creative commons and the public domain.


Tips and Resources

  • Many public domain images and content can be used without attribution. You can also purchase stock photos you do not have to attribute. This may be useful for designing presentation title slides, digital badges, logos, or book covers. You can add a link at the end to show where you got the resource.
  • For free public domain content try Pixabay (images & video clips), Pond 5 (historical images, sound bytes, 3D, and more), the British Library (images) and Morguefile (images).
  • For free clip art, you don’t have to attribute, try and
  • Millions share their work for anyone to use, but require proper attribution and ways to use that work! They outline these details in a Creative Commons (CC) license. Find out more at
  • Teach your students about Creative Commons with these videos and this infographic.
  • License your own content for free with this CC license generator,
  • Read the CC license of content carefully to see if you can redistribute them, use for commercial purposes, or change/edit the content. Not all CC content allows you to do this, which means you may not be able to share your remixed creation with others.
  • Find CC licensed images and video clips on Flickr and Wikimedia Commons. Find more sources for images in the bookmarks below!
  • Compfight is a search engine and my favorite way of finding Flickr content to use.
  • You can also easily copy and paste the attribution in your slide using this bookmarklet,
  • The image sources above aren’t filtered. Student can safely search for images at Pics4Learning and the categories on ELTPics! These images are made for teachers and students!
  • (iOS app) is my favorite resource for free songs and audio to use.
  • Other resources for sound effects and clips are Freesound and SoundBible! Find more in the bookmarks below.
  • You will need an audio editor to remix the sound. Try Garageband, Audacity, or Soundation!
  • Remix video clips on Youtube with the Youtube Editor.
  • Remix video Hollywood Effects with these free iOS/Android apps- Quo FX, Action Movie FX and Creature FX
  • To learn more about remixing, join Amy Burvall’s RemixED Google Community


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Creative Commons, by shellyterrell

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