The 2nd Issue of the Teacher Reboot Camp eNewsletter

rosco me glassesHere is the 2nd issue of the new Teacher Reboot Camp eNewsletter. In this issue find free apps, web tools, resources, lesson ideas, professional development opportunities, and more.  Be inspired by the latest Edugems, discover a few of the top posts at Teacher Reboot Camp, and keep posted about The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators and the Reform Symposium Free E-Conference. You can subscribe for free at You will get 1 to 3 newsletters per month.
Below, I have posted the current newsletter, Download this as a pdf file by clicking here, This issue’s Edugems are: Fabiana Casella, Dr. Nellie Deutsch, John Spencer, and Graham Stanley. Thank you so much for your support!



Thank one of the Edugems for their resources!

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