Getting Schooled

Today, I’m taking part in  a discussion hosted by America Tonight, which has launched a special series, “Getting Schooled,” about the challenges in our education system, and what it would take to improve it. Every night, Monday to Friday, they share a new report looking at everything from the parents who risk jail time to send their children to better schools in other districts to an innovative plan to ‘flip’ classrooms in order to enhance performance. The series explores a range of issues, but there’s one theme that stands out: how to address inequality in the education system. Watch the series here and  this is the Branch discussion taking place now.
Guests include:

  • Soledad O’Brien, special correspondent, America Tonight
  • Shelly Terrell, #Edchat co-founder, author of “The 30 Goals Challenge”
  • Alexander Russo, education writer and editor who runs the This Week in Education and District 299 Chicago Public Schools blogs
  • Patrick Riccards, education advocate and editor at EduFlack
  • Mike Klonsky, educator and education blogger from the Chicago area
  • Dr. Bahiyyah Muhammad, criminologist and assistant professor at Howard University
  • Gina Womack, executive director of Families and Friends of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children
  • Nancy K. Cauthen, sociologist and education author who writes about poverty and improving children’s odds for success at

A Trailer of the Series

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