What Was Your Great Moment This Year?

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Goal 29: Reflect on a great moment this year
 of The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators

“Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” ~ Hilary Cooper

As the year comes to an end, let’s look back and cherish the magical moments we had with our students. The times we gave a great lesson or made their eyes dazzle with curiosity. Perhaps, you felt you made an impact on one of your students or helped them realize their potential? Share this moment with us through a blog reflection or as a status update in our 30 Goals Facebook community.

My Magical Moments of 2013

I feel blessed to have so many great moments to draw from. In January and February, I was able to be part of the open online EVO sessions and worked with many incredible tutors to help over 100 teachers learn how to integrate Digital Storytelling tools and apps. In March and April, I traveled to several schools in Slovenia and Croatia and showed teachers how to effectively integrate mobile learning and BYOT. I’ve posted a video created by Marijana Smolcec who filmed me working with the students at her school in Ogulin, Croatia. Most recently, I designed a digital storytelling course for teachers in Spanish speaking countries who are very new to web tools. I also got the opportunity to be the course tutor. I’ve posted details about this incredible experience in this post, Let Them Know You Learned From Them. Throughout all these experiences, I received incredible feedback from my students on how the tasks transformed their lives. This is one of the uplifting messages I received from a student: “Hi Shelly! First of all, let me thank you for ALL YOUR HELP, your support and your inspiration. This course is wonderful and l’m learning TONS about the zrillions of resources out there that we can use. I’m also a teacher at an official language school, like many other colleagues that have posted their opinions here. I don’t like overloading my students either, but I have found that they LOVE doing these sort of things… The trick is combining it with activities that help them in their learning process. The avatar has been the perfect excuse for a writing task and it has allowed the shiest in the class to start having an online voice in our digital platform this year. Does this have a drawback? Well, as any of these “online things” it means extra work for both the teacher and the student, that’s absolutely certain. But the reward is that the students are more engaged in their learning activities and at least for me that makes me willing to put in “some” extra effort. Courage to you all!!!  This course is one of the good ones!!!”

The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators

Each year, several teachers around the world gather to accomplish goals in an effort to improve themselves as educators. I post 30, but you can choose to accomplish as many as you want in the order you want. Not all will relate to your situation or will appeal to you. Each year, we have a new theme and additional goals. This year’s theme was, “This is MY Moment.” Each of the 30 goals focused on getting educators to believe their plans of action now will lead to positive changes and transformation in their teaching and learning environments. Our 30 Goals Facebook community is where we vote on goals and support each other.


Share your great moment in a blog post or post it as a status update in our 30 Goals Facebook community.

Please leave a comment that you accomplished this goal by either posting your own video reflection on Youtube, using the hashtag #30GoalsEdu, posting on the 30 Goals Facebook group, or adding a comment below! All goals are organized in this 30 Goals Livebinder.

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