Install Bookmarklets / Extensions of Your Favorite Tools

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The tools I choose to use habitually or recommend to teachers, usually meet most of these requirements, they provide:

  • a free web version
  • a free mobile app (a plus if it works on multiple platforms)
  • a bookmarklet or extension for your web browser
  • a way to embed your work on your blog or platform

There are many tools I think are beautifully designed, but I refuse to use them because without these features they take too much of my time. One of the ways I am able to collect, organize, curate, and share so many valuable resources is because I have installed the extensions or bookmarklets of my favorite web tools on my Chrome browser.
These tiny icons, usually at the top of your browser, do magical things when clicked. They make bookmarking, curating, aggregating, and sharing much easier and quicker. Check out Jason Schmidt‘s video tutorial of the Diigo Google Extension to get an idea of how to install and use one.

Luckily, many of your favorite tools have an extension/ bookmarklet.
To install, open your browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) and usually under Window you’ll see extensions listed. Search for the option to Get More Extensions or add extensions. You’ll be able to search for your favorite tool. You can also visit the website of your favorite tool, usually on the bottom or top of the home page you’ll see in small letters the link to get the extension/ bookmarklet. If not, click on the FAQ or Help page.  I’ve bookmarked a few below. Also, find 50 Great Chrome Extensions recommended by Jake Duncan and others here,


Install extensions and bookmarklets of your favorite tools.

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