Celebrate Your Achievement

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 5.33.01 PMGoal 30: Celebrate Your Achievement of The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators

“All glory comes from daring to begin.” ~ Eugene F. Ware

As the year comes to an end as well as the 4th cycle of The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators, I believe it is important to look back and celebrate what we have accomplished personally and professionally. Did you make your students:

  • smile
  • laugh
  • create
  • find their passion
  • become more curious about a topic
  • realize you care about them
  • feel more confident about their abilities and talents

These aren’t little feats. These are great accomplishments that matter. Part of the purpose behind The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators is to get teachers to focus their efforts and energy more on these goals versus what is thrown our way that we cannot control.
The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators
Were you one of the many teachers this year who took up the 30 Goals Challenge and aimed to accomplish something incredible with your learners? For now, forget about the goals you didn’t achieve, and instead focus on what you did accomplish. Embarking on a mission to accomplish goals to better yourself is a feat in itself.
To accomplish this last goal, post about your accomplishments and the experience  in either your blog or as a status update in the  30 Goals Facebook community. Let us know what you achieved so we can celebrate with you.
Each year, several teachers around the world gather to accomplish goals in an effort to be better teachers for their learners. I post 30, but you can choose to accomplish as many as you want in the order you want. Not all will relate to your situation or will appeal to you. Each year, we have a new theme and additional goals. This year’s theme was, “This is MY Moment.” Each of the 30 goals focused on getting educators to believe their plans of action now will lead to positive changes and transformation in their teaching and learning environments. Our 30 Goals Facebook community is where we vote on goals and support each other.
3 Ingredients for Accomplishing Goals
I believe we need these 3 ingredients to accomplish goals. There are other ingredients, but I think these are some of the most important ones. (1) We need to determine what we want to change within us and in our surroundings.
(2) We need to take the first step and accomplish at least one achievable goal and celebrate this victory. The 30 Goals Challenge has over 100 goals suggested since 2010. Find one you feel you can accomplish within the day, today, and do it. Often, small steps and victories lead to big change. This way when we tackle one area and see the impact, we have the energy and drive to accomplish more. If we tackle too much, we tend to focus on all we didn’t accomplish and feel as if we failed. Accomplishing one goal is better than being complacent and achieving nothing.
(3) We need others to support us and inspire us to achieve more. The 30 Goals Facebook community is extremely supportive. We reflect on our accomplishments here. Sometimes, we do not post blog reflections of every accomplishment. Instead, many of the teachers post a status update and sometimes a quote, song, or picture to go with their accomplishment. Others in the community offer support, ideas, and encouragement.

Congratulations on reaching the end of the journey! Thank you for being part of this incredible experience. Your passion, contribution, support, ideas, and spirit made this year extra special. Hope to see you in 2014!

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Share your achievement in a blog post or post it as a status update on our 30 Goals Facebook community.

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