Teacher Fun & Creativity: Interview with @ESLBrain #30GoalsEDU

Interview 4 of The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators. Click the link to find out more about the 30 Goals Challenge for Educators.

For 2013, we are Hanging Out with some of the past and current participants of the 30 Goals Challenge for Educators. Today, I had the pleasure of hanging with Sylvia Guinan, who is one of the newest participants of The 30 Goals. Sylvia is an online teacher from Greece who does very creative lessons in an online platform. Her blog has won awards for its vast ideas and is one of my favorite blogs. Watch the video interview and/or leave Sylvia a comment! You can also type in a question by visiting our 30 Goals Facebook group and adding your question there. The recorded video interviews are on this Youtube 30 Goals playlist.

A New Idea: Tagging Participants

Sylvia is the first one to take on a new idea we are doing for the 2013 30 Goals. We will be Hanging with current participants of the 30 Goals Challenge as well as past participants. I am letting you decide who I interview next by a tagging system. The way this will work is when I interview a current participant, that participant will have to name another current participant for me to interview next. Sylvia is the first one to tag someone and she tagged Fabiana Casella, a teacher from Argentina.

Interview 4: Sylvia Guinan

About Sylvia Guinan

Sylvia Guinan has a BA in English Literature and a Higher Diploma in Education. She is an online English language teacher, educational blogger, materials developer, ELT writer, and mother of four. She teaches on the WizIQ platform and also works freelance through her personal website. She collaborates with other professionals online on various projects. In the past she ran public creativity experiments online with The Edupunk, she is currently writing a collaborative book with Andre Klein and other professionals, and she is a contributing facilitator and presenter for Jason R. Levine’s ELT-T MOOC which has just been launched on WizIQ. She is also planning a new public experiment for the Autumn called ‘ Break- Out In Poetry’.
She lives in Greece and has four bilingual children. Tuning into the creative minds of her kids helps to keep inspiration alive. Her Children are also self-publishing their own ebooks. They spend a lot of time writing stories and drawing, and they do their own illustrations. They call this work their ‘business’. The passions which drive her work are Brain-Friendly teaching approaches and the psychology of learning. She blogs at Sylviasenglishonline.org and tweets at @ESLBrain
A Bit of HangOut Fun!
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