Free Ebook! Effective Mobile Learning: 50+ Quick Tips & Resources

I believe mobile devices will transform education. This is why I created a free ebook, Effective Mobile Learning: 50+ Quick Tips & Resources with helpful tips and several resources to help support this trend. One reason is because mobile devices are designed in a way that forces the teacher to give control to the learner. I believe we are creatures of habit and many teachers model their teaching after the traditional teaching methods they have been exposed to for most of their education. Sometimes, we need our environments to change to force us into breaking bad habits. In schools worldwide teachers still struggle with student-centered learning. Classrooms are designed with desks in rows and equipped with technologies that are stationary and bulky. This type of set-up makes it easy for the teacher to continue presenting information to learners. However, when we equip a classroom with iPads, iPods, small tablets, or cellphones the learning is literally put in the hands of the students. The teacher has to facilitate and walk around the room to manage the learning. I hope you find this resource useful! Feel free to copy it, pass it around, use it with your staff, and send it to anyone. You can download the PDF by clicking on the download icon which is the 3rd icon at the bottom of the ebook. It is in HTML5 so you should also be able to access this on your mobile device.
Effective Mobile Learning: 50+ Tips & Resources Ebook
Read the ebook and tell me what you think 🙂

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