Leading by Example & Teacher Evaluations: Interview with Akevy Greenblatt

Interview 14 of Twittering for Education

In the move for education transformation we need effective leadership. This means that administrators have to take the first step in showing teachers the path to transparency and effective instructional practice. Principal Akevy Greenblatt is one such leader who I had the pleasure of interviewing this past week. He talked about how he leads through video recording his classroom lessons and allowing his teachers to evaluate his classroom instruction. He also balances being a principal with teaching a class. He feels being in the classroom gives him insight and a unique connection to his teachers. They know he is in the trenches alongside them.


Rabbi Akevy Greenblatt is currently the Judaic Studies Lower School Principal at the Margolin Hebrew Academy in Memphis TN. Akevy is also part of the adminsitrartive team for the Margolin Hebrew Academy/ Finestone Yeshivas of the South, which is a Prek- 12 school.  Akevy has been involved education for the last 20 years and is a leading change agent in trying to incorporate 21st Century skills with Judaic studies.Meeting students needs and differentiated instruction is something that Akevy believes to be at the core of teaching and is in the process of working on a Differentiated Instruction workbook for Judaic Studies.  You can learn more about Akevy from his “Principals Post” at agreenblatt.blogspot.com and by following him on Twitter @Akevy613. You can read his posts on the Connected Principals group here!
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