8 Apps to Prepare You for Your Next Presentation/ Webmeeting

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I’ve read quite a lot about giving incredible presentations and have attended several amazing workshops with some of the best presenters out there. I’ll give you their number one advice for free, “It’s all in the preparation!” For this reason, my presentations consume me. Even after preparing them I go over them 1000s of times in my head. I picture how I will give the presentation and what I will say. I even imagine the questions the audience will give me. I picture every little detail even the clothes I’m wearing and the pitch of my voice. Preparation takes time. Planning slides, arranging them, finding pictures to accompany the messages, and making decisions on color schemes and templates can take hours. That is why I like to plan on the go and with mobile devices and apps, you can sketch out your presentation and rehearse almost anywhere. Here are the apps I recommend.

Free Presentation Apps

These are available on the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. Some of these may have Android and Blackberry equivalents.
Google Slides- create slides, upload your PowerPoints, and link within. Collaborative presentations.
Slideshare- create on the web tool and upload your slides to be shared with many. The app let’s you
Haiku Deck- create slides with their templates and library of free images to use.
Prezi- create dynamic presentations with images, sound, and incredible templates.
Canva- create infographics, info pics, and presentations. Their iPad app is amazing!
Evernote– I mentioned this in a previous post but really there are so many uses for this free app! Create text, photo and audio notes that auto-synchronize your notes to your Mac or PC. Makes text within snapshots searchable. Add, sync, access, and share files (PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, and more) among the different versions of Evernote. Free version available on iPhone, iPod, Android, and Blackberry. **For preparing your next presentation! Try sketching out your presentation and gathering research with this app!
Mighty Meeting– Manage a library of PowerPoint presentations directly from your smartphone or tablet and share them via email, blog, Twitter, or Facebook. Start or join web meetings directly from your laptop, iPhone, iPad, or Android phone. Nice interface! **For hosting a webmeeting or viewing your Powerpoint slides on your smartphone!
iClicker Lite– The paid version offers more but try out the free version. Use your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad as your PowerPoint remote clicker to view slides and slide notes as you present. Make annotations and show it to your audience as you present. Need wifi. **For navigating your Powerpoint slides during your presentation!
Presenter Pro-Professional presentation training app that includes advanced presentation skills techniques with graphics, audio, and video clips, access to Rexi Media for additional presentation skills coaching or PPT design guidelines, a “tip shaker” for accessing hundreds of quick tips and a checklist feature, which enables you to store and e-mail any topic paragraphs to refer to later. View this while traveling to your next presentation. **For preparing your next presentation!
Adobe Connect– Are you presenting a webinar on Adobe Connect? Have your audience access it through a free app supported by iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android. Your audience doesn’t have to miss any of your presentations. The free app allows them to see your slides and chat with others. **For hosting a webmeeting on your smartphone!
Try one of these apps for your next presentation!

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What apps do you love using at conferences?

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