How Do We Animate Lessons? Interview with Ken Wilson

Interview 12 of Twittering for Education The majority of classrooms have curricula based on coursebooks. Many teachers might feel that teaching from a coursebook kills creativity and makes learning boring especially when coupled with multiple choice tests. However, in many schools teachers are required to teach from a coursebook. A coursebook is just a tool. […]

Sharing Our Voices & Reaching Our Audience

Part of the new Presentation tips series Often, I talk about the importance of voice and sharing. In order to get buy-in from other educators, our administrators, and the general public, we have to show them the impact of our online professional development on our teaching. We need to show them the impact on students. […]

Cooperative Learning: Effective Team Work! 20+ Resources

Part of the Cool Sites series Every Friday I am presenting free webinars thanks to American TESOL! We have an incredible time. Recently, we discussed the benefits of cooperative learning. Through cooperative learning students learn effective team work through: Accountability– students realize the contribution of each individual will determine the success of the task. Team […]

Free Webinar: Global Projects

Check out a great lineup of free webinars online at the Global Education Conference. This free online virtual conference begins at 10am EST, Nov. 15th and ends Nov. 19th. I will be presenting on International Global Projects on Tuesday, November 16th at 2pm LA time (PST), 5pm NYC time (EST), 10pm London time, 11pm Paris […]

Art, Creativity, & Kids: 20+ Resources

Part of the Cool Sites series Many schools have cut out the Arts from the curriculum due to budget cuts and the emphasis on raising standardized test scores. Art is important in our lives. Many students express themselves through art. In my personal experience I have seen how painting community murals, creating music, choreographing a […]