What You May Have Missed in September…

Perhaps you have been busy organizing your classes like I have been? If so, you may have missed some of the tips, resources, and tools shared on Teacher Reboot Camp. Many of these resources will help you with the school year!

What you might have missed…

Your favorite posts this month based on comments and overall traffic:

  • Mobile Motivation: 17 Digital Storytelling and Literacy Apps and Resources for Kids– Are you thinking of using Iphones, Ipads, or Ipod touches with your students! Check out these tips and free resources for getting your students to share their digital stories on handheld devices!
  • Homework and Charlie Brown– What type of homework will you be giving this year? In this post, I reflect on homework practices and share a great video by Charlie Brown that shows the different ways students approach their homework.
  • My Favorite Tech Tools & Resources This Month
    • Cellphones– Our students shouldn’t have to power down when they come to school. Instead, we can help students use their cellphones for learning! In this post, I share tools and tips for getting students to use their cellphones for learning.
    • Prezi– I just completed a Prezi for an upcoming presentation. You may have heard of Prezi’s great presentation potential, but this month Prezi added collaborative editing in real time. This means that students can work on their Prezi presentations together! In this post I share other tools to get your students creating incredible presentations and projects.
    • Twitter Tools– Recently, I did a presentation for KU Village about ways to connect globally using Twitter. In this post, I introduce you to the RSS Flash G app that helps me tweet links from my Google Reader and bookmark them in Delicious and Diigo.
  • Interviews!
  • My Guest Posts!
    • Don’t React in Anger– In this post, on the Blogging through the Fourth Dimension blog, I describe how to prevent students from escalating to violence and describe my experiences working in tough schools.
    • Learning Beyond Walls: 21 Skype Resources– In this post for Tech and Learning, I share resources for Skyping with your students.
    • I write the weekly summaries for Parentella’s #PTChat, the parent and educator discussion, which occurs every Wednesday at 9pm PST.
  • My Wikis and Presentations:
    • We Connect– Updated! This is my PLN wiki where you will find several resources, tutorials, videos and more on helping educators join a PLN. Please feel free to use the resources in your presentations on PLNs and social media.
    • Technology 4 Kids– Updated with new resources for Global Class Collaboration Projects and using audio tools with your language learners! Ozge Karaoglu and I developed this wiki to help educators integrate technology effectively for young learners. Read about digital storytelling tools, Glogster, Voicethread, and more!
    • Children’s English classes– Updated! Search by theme for book ideas and games for children ages 4 to 10 years-old.
  • Other NEWS!!

Thank you so much for your support of my free 30 Goals Challenge E-book. Over 3000 of you have read it and I am truly grateful! Download your free copy here, print it out, share it with your staff!

Please feel free to use any of the resources shared here or in the wikis because the ultimate goal is to get other educators involved in our PLN.

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